A program designed to prevent property loss and damage from hurting your bottom line.

In today’s economic environment, business owners are facing the challenges of a decrease in their security budget and an increase in crime.  Bomar Security and Investigation acknowledged this unfortunate trend and designed a service to help dull the headache of countless business owners.

Proudly partnered with SNAP Security and IBM, Bomar is introducing Verification Surveillance to the Central Coast.  Verification Surveillance combines the most advanced video surveillance technology with real-time analytics to identify and guard against possible threats.

How it Works

Bomar will work in conjunction with the client to develop a customized loss prevention program that will help you identify and deter suspected perpetrators.

After a thorough consultation with the client, SNAP Security will install state of the art video surveillance equipment.  The client is then able to access video feeds from any location on any mobile device.

Upon installation, Bomar works closely with IBM to design specific analytics to classify possible threats. The analytics provides granular data to help identify how losses are occurring, deter and detect suspected perpetrators and allow us to prevent harm or damage by responding appropriately in real-time.

This revolutionary approach takes traditional video surveillance from reactive to proactive, thereby reducing the amount of damage incurred.

Custom Solutions

This flexible system allows you to set the hours of surveillance according to your needs. We offer a number of different packages that can fit your budget without sacrificing our sophisticated and comprehensive coverage.

Professional Service

We take pride in our professional service and excellent reputation.  Bomar Security guarantees 24-hour services with our vigilant and helpful staff.  You will never receive an automated message. We value our relationships with our clients and strive to meet their security needs by going above and beyond the status quo.

Cost Effective

Our goal is to meet your security needs. We offer a free consultation and quote to determine if this is the best solution for you.  We provide the equipment, installation, maintenance, up-dates, and warranty without any additional cost.

Watch How the NYPD is Using This Same Technology: