Paso Robles Security: A Safe Business & Home this Holiday Season

Residents in Paso Robles are at ease over the holiday season, enjoying friends and family, and businesses tend to experience an increase of activity and revenue. The combination of these elements be taken advantage of by criminals. As a result, burglaries and other Paso Robles security related crimes are often highest during the holiday season. In the past homes were the most vulnerable to burglaries while families were away on vacation, however small businesses are also vulnerable to a wide variety of different security threats, ranging from shoplifting to burglaries to robberies and identity theft. Below are some ways to protect your small business from these security threats to ensure that your holiday season is a happy and prosperous one. Read more

Reduce False Security Alarms for Your Home or Business

Whether it’s caused by the family cat or an employee who has not been trained properly, any number of things can trigger a false alarm in your home or business security system. Both law enforcement and the alarm industry have been looking for ways to reduce false alarm responses, but one of the most impactful solutions starts with you, the alarm system client. Read more