Santa Barbara

Security Santa Barbara: What National Trends Mean Locally

In the midst of shootings that seem to occur on a weekly basis, a new study has revealed that the potential for violent incidents occurring nationally is high. A recently released poll showed 40% of American workers say that in terms of security, anyone can walk into their building unchallenged. Yet 94% said that they feel safe and secure at work.

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3 Ways to Reach Your New Year Resolutions: Private Security Review

As we all prepare for a brand new year as individuals and as businesses, there is sure to be some thought dedicated to reaching new levels of success and achievement. When it comes to private security, however, not many people think about ways to improve or reach new levels of success. Bomar Security has spent a great deal of time preparing for the new year and we would like to share with you three ways you can improve the performance of your security service in 2014. Read more