3 Ways to Reach Your New Year Resolutions: Private Security Review

As we all prepare for a brand new year as individuals and as businesses, there is sure to be some thought dedicated to reaching new levels of success and achievement. When it comes to private security, however, not many people think about ways to improve or reach new levels of success. Bomar Security has spent a great deal of time preparing for the new year and we would like to share with you three ways you can improve the performance of your security service in 2014.

1) Review your goals and purpose for employing the service

Whether you manage a residential property or run the operations of a major packing plant, it is important to have clear expectations and goals set for any vendor you chose to do business with. It is important to have open communication with your vendors to really drive the end results you are looking for. We recommend a vendor review on a quarterly basis but some schedules just won’t allow it. January is a great time to sit down with your management team to review your goals and purpose for your security service.

2) Employ Technology

With the economy slowly recovering from the recession, customers have more alternatives than ever. A business that proves to be responsive to customer questions, complaints, or other needs can gain a clear competitive advantage. That’s why it’s so important to understand how new technologies can help you get the most out of your security service. Vendors that are taking the steps to leverage technology on behalf of their clients are changing the face of the security industry. Those that chose to explore this opportunity early will most likely enjoy this service at a friendlier price point. Bomar Security recently released BomarTrac, a real time reporting tool that offers a level of security service unparalleled on the Central Coast.

3) Pay Attention and Make Adjustments

It is easy to get caught up in the daily routine of our most important work items. However, small businesses really benefit from the ability to stay nimble and make quick adjustments and decisions. Throughout the year as your goals, business, and operations change, be quick to make adjustments and address your security needs. All too often businesses wait until there is a pain felt from a lack of security and end up suffering financially from the loss. Be proactive in your strategic planning and prepare for the growth you have set your sites on in 2014.

We hope these 3 strategies help you reach your goals and new levels of success in 2014!