Our Technology

Real Time Reporting

Bomar Security uses an industry leading real time reporting software that allows our guards to report security issues through a handheld device in real time. Released in 2013, BomarTrac has elevated the security industry on the Central Coast to a much higher level. Leveraging the use of real time reporting, Bomar Security is able to track security, maintenance, and parking issues in from our central dispatch location. Real time reporting enables us to:

1.Monitor the location and productivity of our guards in the field, in real-time.

2.Track and analyze security issues and data over long periods of time to deliver a customized security service to each client’s specific needs

3.Send guards task reminders and notifications while in the field

4.Notify key personnel in the event of an emergency

5.Submit detailed Daily Activity Reports with GPS and time-stamped pictures and audio file with detailed descriptions of all security and maintenance issues.

Real Time Reporting

Information is power and rather than letting written Daily Activity Reports go to waste, BomarTrac tracks all digital reports and allows you to pull historical data giving you key insight on all security, maintenance, and parking issues. No more empty DAR’s without verifiable information. Using BomarTrac you will receive reports unparalleled by any of our competitors.

Task Assignment

BomarTrac’s task feature lets us create a daily itinerary and to-do list for all of our guards. We create automatically scheduled tasks for daily completion, easily edit or add in new tasks as they come up, see notifications when tasks are completed, and record useful details about the work. Generating powerful Daily Activity Reports and creating User Shift Reports gives you more information than ever before allowing us to tailor our services to the highest priorities.


Our system allows us to locate our guards in the field, in real time. Through use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, we are able to track the movement of our standing guards, mobile patrols, and mobile supervisors to immediately receive notification about where and when an issue arises. This allows us to send the appropriate personnel directly to the scene of an incident quickly and easily while tracking and directing them in real-time.

Parking Management

Multiple applications allow for easy management and enforcement of property parking rules. This unique proven system educates non-confrontationally to educate residents and change behaviors. BomarTrac allows for advanced license plate recognition, ticketing, a complete banking system for citation payments, appeals, detailed mapping system including zones and space assignments, and detailed reports in multiple Excel Spreadsheets.

How Real Time Reporting Works for You

  • Generate reports to view by location, property, and/or issue in Excel, Word or PDF formats

  • Monitor review, record, report and track the progress of the resolution of all incidents

  • We exceed requirements and expectations by demonstrating prompt and even real time response to industry specific issues

  • Customizable approach – we can customize our software to fit all industries and all levels of security

  • Automate and schedule tamper-proof tasks that are automatically GPS, date and time stamped based on the time the guard acknowledges, arrives, and completes the task.

  • Labor law compliance, liability reduction and GO GREEN with paperless reporting and timekeeping

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