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Security Santa Barbara: What National Trends Mean Locally

In the midst of shootings that seem to occur on a weekly basis, a new study has revealed that the potential for violent incidents occurring nationally is high. A recently released poll showed 40% of American workers say that in terms of security, anyone can walk into their building unchallenged. Yet 94% said that they feel safe and secure at work.

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Law Enforcement Using Advanced Analytics to Prevent Crime

Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. are using advanced prevention programs that rely on a smart analysis of historical crime data in neighborhoods across their cities. And they are finding that they can cut burglaries by as much as 27 percent!

City police departments across the country are turning traditional police officers into “data detectives.” Police departments across the country have adapted business techniques – initially developed by retailers, such as Netflix and WalMart, to predict consumer behavior — to predict criminal behavior. A new IBM Center report, by Dr. Jennifer Bachner at Johns Hopkins University, tells compelling stories of the experiences three cities — Santa Cruz, CA; Baltimore County, MD; and Richmond, VA – are having in using predictive policing as a new and effective tool to combat crime. Click here to see more on the study completed by Dr. Bachner. Read more

A Closer Look: Pepper Spray & Self Defense

Types of Chemical Sprays

Self-defense chemical sprays or tear gas, come is three general categories of active ingredients: CN, CS, and OC.

CN, which is an abbreviation for chloroacetophenone was used by the military and police departments in the 60s and 70s, but is not used much anymore. This product is not really a gas, but rather crystals suspended in liquid and placed under pressure to create a vapor. Tear gas products such as MACE have proven to be less effective against violent attackers, especially those under the influence of narcotics and alcohol. Additionally, these tear gas products have a fairly slow reaction time of three to thirty seconds. Read more

Video Surveillance, What’s New?

Every industry is constantly changing and transforming as a result of new technology, the video surveillance industry is no exception. Technological advancements make higher levels of security more attainable and changes to equipment and devices almost inevitable. Therefore, video surveillance services by the year 2020 for Santa Maria and the Central Coast will be much different than how they are today. Listed below are just a few of the ways the video surveillance market is changing. Read more

Reaction: Central Coast Bank Robberies

In reaction to the recent  Central Coast bank robberies, Bomar has been approached by several institutions for security guard services. Bomar received and email from a reader who discovered an interview conducted a few years ago and we found it to be interesting. Western Independent Banker Magazine had the opportunity to interview Los Angeles FBI Supervisory Special Agent John H. McEachern III, Bank Robbery, and Special Agent Daniel A. Bodony, LA Bank Robbery Coordinator. Included below are some highlights of the interview. Read more

5 Tips on How to Protect Your Workplace and Employees

News stories covering incidents of violence in the workplace have become unsettlingly common in today’s struggling society. With a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity leaving common citizens questioning how to prevent these tragic events, Bomar Security and Investigation has five tips on how to protect your workplace and employees from violence and property damage. Unfortunately, it seems as if violence has become a threat to almost every public gathering ranging from malls, schools, office buildings, and churches.  These tips are simple steps you can implement immediately to ensure safety and limit your risk of encountering these unfortunate events at your workplace.
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