Continual Improvement in Property Security, Safety, and Maintenance

It May Not Be Rocket Science.  But, There Is Still A lot to Learn

There is a cliché phrase in our culture that can be annoying to anyone serious about their business and committed to excellence:  “It ain’t rocket science.”  By this phrase its users are saying that most jobs or businesses are fairly easy to learn and to master.  And, by this phrase they are trying to persuade us to keep things simple and not over-complicated.  Although there is merit in applying this saying, it can deceive us from seeing the depth of skills and details needed to pursue excellence in all we do.  In a sentence, the cliché phrase “it ain’t rocket science” can be destructive and even self-defeating in a competitive business world. Read more

Integrity and Security: The Two Go Together

C.S. Lewis, the great English writer, stated something to the effect: “There is a big difference between laws of science and the laws of man. The laws of science tell us what things will do every time. But, the laws of man tell us what man ought to do, but often does not do.” Through his observation, Lewis makes an important point for security and property managers. Employees have free will and have to make a choice every second about whether to do the right thing.

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3 Ways to Reach Your New Year Resolutions: Private Security Review

As we all prepare for a brand new year as individuals and as businesses, there is sure to be some thought dedicated to reaching new levels of success and achievement. When it comes to private security, however, not many people think about ways to improve or reach new levels of success. Bomar Security has spent a great deal of time preparing for the new year and we would like to share with you three ways you can improve the performance of your security service in 2014. Read more

Understanding and Utilizing Crime Mapping Mobile Apps

Crime prevention is the priority of surveillance teams, yet it can seem like a monumental task to determine what criminals are planning. Enter into the scene crime mapping. By documenting where criminal activity occurs in a city or neighborhood, professionals can take precautionary steps to offer increased security in these areas. Typical reasons for high rates of crime are related to social or geographical issues that are rampant, such as poverty, drug riddled residents or isolated communities. Thanks to the latest crime mapping mobile apps individuals can determine where the highest incidences of crime are occurring around them. Read more

Paso Robles Security: A Safe Business & Home this Holiday Season

Residents in Paso Robles are at ease over the holiday season, enjoying friends and family, and businesses tend to experience an increase of activity and revenue. The combination of these elements be taken advantage of by criminals. As a result, burglaries and other Paso Robles security related crimes are often highest during the holiday season. In the past homes were the most vulnerable to burglaries while families were away on vacation, however small businesses are also vulnerable to a wide variety of different security threats, ranging from shoplifting to burglaries to robberies and identity theft. Below are some ways to protect your small business from these security threats to ensure that your holiday season is a happy and prosperous one. Read more

Reduce False Security Alarms for Your Home or Business

Whether it’s caused by the family cat or an employee who has not been trained properly, any number of things can trigger a false alarm in your home or business security system. Both law enforcement and the alarm industry have been looking for ways to reduce false alarm responses, but one of the most impactful solutions starts with you, the alarm system client. Read more

A Closer Look: Pepper Spray & Self Defense

Types of Chemical Sprays

Self-defense chemical sprays or tear gas, come is three general categories of active ingredients: CN, CS, and OC.

CN, which is an abbreviation for chloroacetophenone was used by the military and police departments in the 60s and 70s, but is not used much anymore. This product is not really a gas, but rather crystals suspended in liquid and placed under pressure to create a vapor. Tear gas products such as MACE have proven to be less effective against violent attackers, especially those under the influence of narcotics and alcohol. Additionally, these tear gas products have a fairly slow reaction time of three to thirty seconds. Read more

Changing of the Guard: How Today’s Security Guards are Changing a Stereotype

When considering the private security industry, you may have several preconceived notions or beliefs regarding the productivity or utility of a security officer, however, security officers play a key role in a majority of today’s organizations. There are several key attributes that can make the difference between a quality security company and a stereotypical one. Read more

Contract Security Service: Quality vs. Price

Q: When it comes to contract security how do I balance quality vs. price?

The question I’m asked most often is, “How do I find a quality contract security service that will perform their duties responsibly for a reasonable price?”  To answer this question you must first accept certain facts as being true. Read more

Improving School Security in America

Violent crime is a serious problem for schools in the United States and improving security measures is always a hot topic among concerned administrators and teachers alike. According to preliminary data presented by the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 33 school-associated violent deaths from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. During that 2009-2010 school year, about 74 percent of schools reported one or more violent crimes. In 2010, about 470,000 people at schools were victims of theft and 359,000 victims of violent crimes, including simple assault and serious violence. Included below are a few resources and programs that can be put in place to help address these issues. Read more