Continual Improvement in Property Security, Safety, and Maintenance

It May Not Be Rocket Science.  But, There Is Still A lot to Learn

There is a cliché phrase in our culture that can be annoying to anyone serious about their business and committed to excellence:  “It ain’t rocket science.”  By this phrase its users are saying that most jobs or businesses are fairly easy to learn and to master.  And, by this phrase they are trying to persuade us to keep things simple and not over-complicated.  Although there is merit in applying this saying, it can deceive us from seeing the depth of skills and details needed to pursue excellence in all we do.  In a sentence, the cliché phrase “it ain’t rocket science” can be destructive and even self-defeating in a competitive business world.

Making pizza or sandwiches or coffee may not be rocket science.  But, there are chains and franchises that have excelled in their respective markets by knowing how to duplicate a formula for success.  They have refined the recipe of their offerings and have studied the needs of their customers; they have developed their delivery and continue to tweak that deliver to get better results.  In effect, there is a high level of brains and heart needed to advance any worthy effort.   With reflection, perhaps the simplifiers would realize there is a lot of science in business and not just in making rockets.

These concepts of continual improvement apply equally to the fields of property security, safety, and maintenance.  Planning and details are essential because we are protecting the quality of life for all concerned, their safety, and sometimes even their lives.  We are of a noble profession that requires skills and heart in management and follow through in serving our customers.   The challenge is finding a system via which we can streamline operations while addressing complex issues and all items that fall in between.  We at Bomar Security believe our BomarTrac system is such a base of operations.

Through BomarTrac we can partner with property and operations managers to develop strategic objectives for security, safety, parking enforcement, and property maintenance.  We can also use the system to sequence all needed processes and to measure our individual and team performance in solving problems and delivering services to satisfy the customer.   In effect, we can avoid complicating the simple and simplifying the complex—with measurable, proven results for continual improvement.  What could be a better resource in today’s fast and competitive world?

George S. Patton, famed and charismatic World War II personality, recorded his leadership principles which are now published in business management books.  Three of this gems include:  “A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood…”   “One does not make the circumstances fit the plan but rather the plan fit the circumstances.”  “I soon realized that if I paid attention to every detail that could affect a battle, I often could win or at least move to a favorable outcome.”  The theme that emerges from his writings is addressing the logical details for solving today’s problems while planning for tomorrow’s battles.  In turn, our BomarTrac system offers an equalizer that helps us serve the customer, win the battle, and keep up with powerful opponents in a fast and competitive business world.  It also gives us the feedback and information enabling us to find out what we need to learn and how we must improve—all in one integrated, secure system based on real-time reporting from “the front” and from the property/security field.