Integrity and Security: The Two Go Together

C.S. Lewis, the great English writer, stated something to the effect: “There is a big difference between laws of science and the laws of man. The laws of science tell us what things will do every time. But, the laws of man tell us what man ought to do, but often does not do.” Through his observation, Lewis makes an important point for security and property managers. Employees have free will and have to make a choice every second about whether to do the right thing.

Our American society has coined a definition of integrity as “doing the right thing when nobody is looking.” And this description certainly has merit, especially in the security business, where guards are posted or patrolling at times or in areas where they cannot be watched minute by minute. The security business is a noble profession, and protects the quality of life. But anybody with experience in or with security knows that the degree of personal integrity can vary with the individual; and a higher level of pay does not necessarily translate into higher integrity. In the security industry, vigilance and skill in management operations makes the difference in instilling and enforcing integrity of employees.

We at Bomar Security are proud of our industry and are committed to integrity-based management and performance. And we have a tracking, reporting, and enforcement system that enables us to enforce integrity not only internally but in serving our external customers—property managers and their tenants. Our BomarTrac system can capture the requirements and rules of your residential or commercial property or company site. It also captures the internal standards of our security organization. When combined in BomarTrac, we have a complete and exacting system for identifying, measuring, and enforcing standards of good work habits and commitment to delivering quality services as outlined in our mutual contracts.

It is important to note that there is another kind of integrity that BomarTrac enables—integrity in the data about performance and follow through with requirements. Through its capture of the customer’s standards and its secure access and backup functions, BomarTrac records accurate and objective data about how we perform and where we need to improve to “pick up our game.” Baseball legend Branch Rickey said: “It (a baseball box score) doesn’t tell how big you are, what church you attend, what color you are, or how your father voted in the last election. It just tells what kind of baseball player you were on that particular day.” BomarTrac is the most detailed, accurate, and objective scorecard for security and property management you will ever find.