Paso Robles Security: A Safe Business & Home this Holiday Season

Residents in Paso Robles are at ease over the holiday season, enjoying friends and family, and businesses tend to experience an increase of activity and revenue. The combination of these elements be taken advantage of by criminals. As a result, burglaries and other Paso Robles security related crimes are often highest during the holiday season. In the past homes were the most vulnerable to burglaries while families were away on vacation, however small businesses are also vulnerable to a wide variety of different security threats, ranging from shoplifting to burglaries to robberies and identity theft. Below are some ways to protect your small business from these security threats to ensure that your holiday season is a happy and prosperous one.

 1) Install a security system that fits your specific needs

If you haven’t done so already, it’s important to install a top of the line security system within your own business. In most cases, you an your employees are gone for a considerable amount of time. This leaves plenty of time for a  burglary that could go unnoticed for a number of hours, allowing the suspect to get in and out of your business with money and goods. A security system that will notify the police as soon as the alarm goes off so there is a much smaller chance that those breaking in will not get away with it. Having a security system will also lower your insurance premium. We recommend using Sentinel Security Solutions for all of your alarm needs.

2) Install cameras at exits, registers and blind spots

If your business sells a lot of items and has a lot of floor space, cameras are an important thing to have going into the holiday season. While a camera security system used to be an expensive feature inside of a business, inexpensive options are available through various vendors. Cameras will deter visitors from shoplifting and provide evidence in the event that there is an incident on the property. It will also save business owners time and money by providing a deterrent to shoplifting and other associated crime.

3) Protect Against Identity Theft

Protecting your customer’s identity and other sensitive information is important for the reputation of your business, so it is worth investing in this security protection as well. If your business stores the sensitive data of customers, such as credit cards and social security numbers, make sure it is on an encrypted and password protected computer and that paper copies are not exposed . Also, acquiring a background check on temporary holiday employees is a practice that should be employed to ensure the safety and credibility of your business.


To ensure that the right steps are taken to protect your business, contact Bomar Security to schedule a security assessment of your business.