Paso Robles Security

Bomar Security and Investigation is Paso Robles’ leader in security, providing solutions to the security challenges of businesses and organizations of the Central Coast. We offer a personal level of service to our Paso Robles security clients unmatched by any competitor. Bomar provides the most cutting edge security solutions for various industries. Our security officers, mobile patrol and verification services feature the most highly trained professionals and the latest advances in security technology. We are innovative, aggressive and comprehensive in our mission to protect your property and assets. Bomar upholds our values of safety, protection, training and technology in building relationships with the client and the Paso Robles community.

Scheduling a Security Assessment

At Bomar Security we believe the first step to improving your security is establishing a foundation of knowledge. In order to successfully address your security needs you need to understand the vulnerability and risk associated with your unique situation. There are several factors that make each client unique, including:

  • Location
  • Residential vs. Business Use
  • Accessibility
  • Assets on site
  • Traffic
  • Etc.

Bomar Security has experts ready to perform a security assessment that will cover over 100 different aspects of your business or residential community. Upon completing the assessment our team will analyze the results and create a full report of all our findings. If you would like to have a security assessment completed, fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will give you a call to set an appointment.

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