Understanding and Utilizing Crime Mapping Mobile Apps

Crime prevention is the priority of surveillance teams, yet it can seem like a monumental task to determine what criminals are planning. Enter into the scene crime mapping. By documenting where criminal activity occurs in a city or neighborhood, professionals can take precautionary steps to offer increased security in these areas. Typical reasons for high rates of crime are related to social or geographical issues that are rampant, such as poverty, drug riddled residents or isolated communities. Thanks to the latest crime mapping mobile apps individuals can determine where the highest incidences of crime are occurring around them.


Determine if criminal activity is occurring in and around you no matter where you are in the U.S. As an app available via iTunes, CrimeMapping identifies criminal activity including assault, drugs, fraud, DUI, homicide and burglary where and when the activity is reported. This app offers data for all of North America and is reputable enough for use by law enforcement agencies. You can filter the results to search for particular incidences or dates of occurrences, as well as by location. Designed to be used with the iPad and iPhone, this app is free as of November 2013.

Bellevue Police Use App

The Bellevue Police Department of Bellevue, WA utilize CrimeMapping in an effort to maintain a more accurate image of the criminal activity in their city. As stated by Investigations Maj. Mike Johnson, “We are one of only a few in the state to launch this interactive mapping service and look forward to its successful use by our citizens.” The use of this app also grants cops access to email updates, criminal reports, and crime alerts that are free for users of the app. Using this app saves the department time and money on maintaining their own interdepartmental crime mapping program.


Also available from iTunes, CrimeReports is an app that includes a wide range of data based on general criminal reports. As with CrimeMapping, you can search for reported crime based on date, location or type. However, with this free app you can locate the registered sex offenders who are living in your neighborhood by utilizing the U.S. sex offender database. Of the two apps listed in this post, CrimeReports appears to have a greater following based on the number of reviews, which are exceeding 7,000 in comparison to approximately 125 reviews of CrimeMapping.

Crime Mapping for Colleges

While CrimeReports and CrimeMapping are ideal for crime mapping of the general population, college crime must be documented in a different manner. Take note of UCrime, which offers crime mapping services for more than 200 universities and colleges throughout the U.S. This web based service offers email alerts of criminal activity in an area, which can be sent to iPhones, computers and other mobile devices. UCrime is free to use by school administrators, parents and college students, and data is pulled from applicable police department reports, school campus security teams, and local newspaper feeds.