Video Surveillance, What’s New?

Every industry is constantly changing and transforming as a result of new technology, the video surveillance industry is no exception. Technological advancements make higher levels of security more attainable and changes to equipment and devices almost inevitable. Therefore, video surveillance services by the year 2020 for Santa Maria and the Central Coast will be much different than how they are today. Listed below are just a few of the ways the video surveillance market is changing.

Network Changes

Many security systems and video surveillance systems have steadily increased in quality as a result of the digital age. The images are high definition, which requires larger network systems. However, this will most likely be accessible in a cost effective package that offers improved networking and higher quality imaging that consumers will need and expect.


As technology develops, new inventions are making mobility more easily accessible. It is increasingly common for consumers in Santa Maria and the Central Coast with video surveillance to have the ability to access their cameras and data on the go. This makes security more effective and leaves consumers more satisfied. Mobile access is also user friendly and allows updates and system configuration to be downloaded remotely. These innovations will completely change how security is provided and how it is used.

Data Storage

Eventually most video surveillance systems will store the data directly in the camera. This data will be stored for a predetermined amount of time in HD resolution, but data cloud storage will also become popular among security users in Santa Maria and the Central Coast. In the future, DVRs will no longer be necessary for video storage and users will simply be able to access their video data from any mobile device. These changes are slowly being integrated into the market and should be more and more common in the future.

Leasing vs. Buying

Although now most consumers purchase their video surveillance systems outright, this may not be the trend in upcoming years. Eventually leasing video systems will become a popular option. Cost effective leasing models will become more attractive and even out the disparity between outright purchases and leases of video surveillance equipment. The big question won’t be what type of security system you will purchase, but if you will lease or buy.

The rapid expansion of the video surveillance market is progressing at a rate that the average consumer can’t keep up with. With so many options to choose from and such a saturated marketplace, buying video surveillance as a service is a viable option for most businesses. For more information about our Video Surveillance Services, click here.